Wunderbricks is suitable for managing residential & commercial real estate

Offices, residentialretail, healthcare real estate and more

Back to the office safely and flexible?

CIAO (Check In And Out) allows your employees to make flexible and secure workplace reservations. They decide when, with whom and where they want to work in the office. It provides more freedom and an optimal balance between working from home and in the office.

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The platform

Wunderbricks is a property management platform based on Salesforce.com. The strength of the platform lies in the communication between users and the automation of business processes. It has all required functions for property management and is easily connectable with third parties.

Why we use Salesforce

Functionality It offers a wide range of proven functionalities

Time to market The platform is extremely flexible and offers the ability for quick product development

Customization Simple additional objects, fields and workflows can be added for complete affiliation with company processes

Open All data is available for external applications through our API gateway

Proven Technology Salesforce.com has been proven to be a worldwide success for more than 150.000 companies


We understand that essential services are necessary in business operations. Due to this, the Wunderbricks platform offers a standard integration with external applications.

Additionally, the Wunderbricks team is continuously seeking new opportunities for applications such as:

  • Invoice scanning
  • BIM
  • IoT applications

The app

The tenant can make and follow up reports via the app. These are logged, analyzed and handled from start to finish.

Integration with Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, e-mail and more


Optimize internal and external data use

  • Real-time insight into data such as costs, notifications and quality
  • Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard for advanced analyses
  • Cloud-based data warehouse


The platform creates a secure digital work environment

  • Highest security level
  • Complies with privacy regulations
  • Authentication for different levels of access per user