Property management without hassle!

Spend less time managing your properties and focus on what matter most

Property management software

Manage your portfolio of properties no matter the type : residential, commercial or retail. You can also manage specific spaces or assets within each property.

Lease management

Rent your units and keep track of all the lease agreements. Never miss a deadline to renew or terminate a contract. Capture all the information needed for a smooth rental and relationship with your tenants, including indexation, breaks and demarcations of responsibilities for repairs and maintenance. 

Case management - property management software
Repairs & Maintenance

Have all the repair requests of tenants in one place no matter through which channel (phone, email, whatsapp, facebook, twitter) they are reported. Manage the communication with contractors and tenants right within the application for a fast resolution.

Salescloud CRM

Instant integration with Salesforce CRM and other tools


Extremely flexible to customize and adapt to your business needs


Built-in AI capabilities and easily creates API for third party integration.


Advanced communication & collaboration features

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