What is CIAO

CIAO is a simple, safe and quick to implement solution that enables employees within offices to work flexibly and safely again. It helps to spread the crowds in offices and ensures that employees have enough quietness and space to function optimally. Employees simply reserve a workspace via an app and also use it to check in and out safely.

How does it work

For companies

Companies can easily indicate their offices, floors, zones and workplaces in the management console. This console also provides useful dashboards and extensive insights into the occupation of the workplaces. Teams and employees can be easily added. If desired, an electronic link can be made with existing IT infrastructures.


For employees

Employees can easily reserve a workplace via the CIAO app. If desired, the seating algorithm ensures optimal distribution of workplaces. Checking in and out is also done via the app by scanning a dynamic QR code. This means that no abuse is possible. In addition to a clear overview of the reservations, employees can set their favorite workplace, make multi-day reservations, make team reservations, reserve meeting rooms, link reservations to their agenda or swap a workplace with a colleague.

3 more reasons

In addition to optimal workplace utilization and increasing employee satisfaction, there are three other important reasons why CIAO is the ideal solution for companies.

Customer research shows that many employees, despite uncertainties about COVID-19, would like to come back to the office. CIAO as a crowd-control solution makes it flexible and safe for employees to be able to return to the office alone and / or with colleagues.

If an infection does occur, you can quickly and easily approach other colleagues who worked on the same days and within the same departments.

It is a more efficient and cheaper solution than continuously deploying one or more employees assigning workplaces based on spreadsheets or other simple tools.